Our online course is the perfect fit for students who are interested in distance learning. This self study course will be delivered to you weekly, in the form of 7 modules. Every Monday you’ll receive the module for the week, and each one is broken into five 15-minute sessions. The intention is to do one 15-minute session a day (but if you want to ball your way through it, go ahead!).

The Online Course will start and end with a live Q+A with Terri.

Want to know which of your chakras is stealing energy from one of your others?



Then this course is for you. Join us to learn:
* How your body holds and distributes prana through the chakras 
* Identify your personal chakra imprint
* Release dormant, traumatic energy
* Cultivate the awareness to create lasting change in your life

About Terri:
Terri Cooper Space is a fearless leader and a empathetic facilitator known for her uncensored teaching style. She is the founder of Chakraology and the founder and President of Connection Coalition, a non-profit organization that provides yoga programs in schools, jails, shelters and rehabs. She is the co-author of curriculum for international yoga school All You Can Yoga, is a faculty member for Off The Mat Into The World and is a doTERRA wellness advocate. As an activist and advocate for social justice, Terri is committed to diversifying the face and shape of yoga.