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Chakraology uses a WHOLE SELF Three Limb Approach that acknowledges trauma as the root cause of chakra imbalance.

Trauma (or perceived trauma) creates physical and/or emotional pain, sending our chakras out of balance. This in turn further impacts our social/emotional well-being and physical health.

To access balance and deep emotional and physical healing, Chakraology uses an integrative method of therapeutic practices such as mindfulness, structural alignment, yogic breath work, and *CPTG Essential Oils. 

*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

  • TRAUMA and/or perceived trauma from our past is the root cause of energetic imbalance. Chakraology fosters curiosity and courage to explore (at whatever level the participant is willing and able to engage) our own history, stories, and beliefs that helped to form aspects of our personality and self image.

  • CHAKRAS are the platform for understanding and making connections to the experiences of our past. This information enables us to become aware of how we relate to ourselves and the world around us by assessing where we are avoiding (chakra deficiency) and where we overcompensate (excessive chakra). These deficient and excessive chakras can be directly linked to our physical aches, pains, illnesses and injuries.  This self-psychology is where CONNECTION occurs, and healing becomes possible.

  • THERAPEUTIC RE-ALIGNMENT is an integrative method of self -healing practices that allow for energy to be re-distributed in a more balanced way. Chakraology supports participants to self heal using mindfulness, structural alignment, yogic breath work, meditation, visualizations, plant based healing and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

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Our energy body (or subtle body) is made up of CHAKRAS (vortices of energy) that serve as transmitters, and NADIS (the rivers that energy moves through) that serve as conduits.

The subtle body consists of our non-physical anatomy and has a direct impact on our overall health and well-being. 

When we are experiencing optimal health and well-being, our prana is able to flow effectively, giving us the energy we need. But, when our nadis become choked, or a chakra begins to steal prana from another chakra, we go out of balance.

Chakraology works within this energetic realm to gain alignment and balance.