Jen Sloan

Jen Sloan - Headshot.jpg


Jen Sloan has been on and off the mat since college and was initially drawn to the "physical" side of yoga. In 2012, however, she experienced a defining moment in class where she finally saw herself for the first time; unmasked. This experience strengthened a new relationship with herself and provided a connection to a level of spirituality that she had been searching for. When Jen discovered there was much more to yoga than fitness, she instantly wanted to share this with others.

Jen loves seeing her students progress in their own abilities and to reach a place they didnā€™t believe was previously possible. Her intelligent sequencing is combined with speaking to the energetic aspect of the yoga practice, allowing her students to have a transformational experience - inside and out. Her hope is to cultivate a space where students feel brave enough to shed the layers and limiting beliefs that keep them from growing towards their true potential.