Terri Cooper Space

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Terri Cooper Space found yoga while she was at a rock bottom moment of her life. She was plagued with a mean mix of suicidal depression and anxiety and was living a life made up of bad decisions, victimization, and addiction. At the age of 28, her life took a drastic shift when she found yoga. Immediately enamored, Terri dove into teacher training and she began to heal herself through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

In that 1st year, Terri was introduced to Chakras and a life-long fascination began to bloom. Since then she has dedicated her career to the study of the human energy body, how trauma affects it and how that directly impacts our physical/emotional well being.  Terri has lead more than 1000 people through her transformative Chakraology workshops, retreats and trainings.

Terri is a celebrated yoga teacher, known for her strong spiritual message delivered through an uncensored teaching style.  She has the gift of being able to nurture her students with empathy while fearlessly guiding them through a deep and transformative process.

Terri is also known for her commitment to philanthropy and service.  She is the Founder and President of Connection Coalition, (aka CoCo) a non-profit organization bringing trauma informed yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs to youth in foster homes, schools, jails and shelters.   CoCo (formerly known as Yoga Gangsters) offers a 15 hour Trauma Training with more than 2000 certified volunteers, and has served more than 17, 000 kids since its inception in 2003.

Entrepreneurial at heart, Terri was the founder of 305 Yoga, one of Miami Florida’s oldest and most beloved yoga schools.  Over 13 years Terri guided 25 graduating classes through Yoga Teacher Training. At its peak Terri had 3 locations, then life took a major turn and this super driven business woman fell in love and had a baby. In 2018, Terri sold 305 Yoga to embark on a year of travel, yoga and family.

Terri is a co-author of the curriculum for International yoga school and social community All You Can Yoga. She is a faculty member with Off The Mat, Into The World and offers private coaching for yoga studio owners on how to create financial sustainability through operations and community service.

Terri has been spotted teaching at Yoga Journal conferences, Wanderlust, The Yoga Expo, YogaFest, on a ton of panels, podcasts, and a bunch of interviews and news outlets.

Whew! This lady is a yogi hustler… with a huge heart.


“Anyone who knows my lineage has heard me drop Terri's name repeatedly. Her influence has forever changed my trajectory, choices and growth to who I am across the board. Time with her in this way is a gift for you, the loved ones around you, your co-workers, your future and in ways unimaginable.

If you have watched my journey with yoga, growth, and leadership it has been shaped by this woman in her brilliant teaching. I loved Terri from day one - authentic, grounded, HUMAN, approachable and nowhere near driven by EGO - EVER!

I never valued her more than when I was neck deep in this 7 month course of life study with her. This journey was fascinating, honed my skill set, confidence and elevated my own self worth to a place of KNOWING my own greatness without ego. This was my therapy with a culmination of a personal breakthrough that has unlocked so much - SO much. Clearly I can go on for much longer about the expansion of Spirit that transpires when held in her heart and soul.

Take the leap and know you will be held in the free fall of growth expertly, with love, wisdom and her ancestral intuitive strength.”

- Jodi Weiner, RYT500