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weekend intensive

These two or three day intensives offers our curriculum in a modified format for those wanting to do identify their own personal chakra imprint.  These weekends are quite emotional and most students experience an energetic breakthrough, often resulting in the discharge of dormant traumatic energy. The weekend program is perfect for students travelling from other cities.

May 17-19, 2019

Zen Loft Yoga
Coral Springs, Florida

In this powerful weekend, you will:

  • Connect your current energy blocks to specific learnings from your past 

  • Learn how to deliberately pull excess prana (energy) from one chakra to another 

  • See how your chakras effects your thoughts, feelings and every day actions

  • Discover your Personal Chakra Imprint

  • Gain tools to redistribute energy and realign your chakras

ZLY Weekend


“Truly, if it wasn't for your chakra journey course - and everything that came from it - I'd still be stuck in my own darkness (emotionally, mentally spiritually, physically, in all ways!). A retreat format would be super intense and powerful.. I think I could have really used the space to "just be" to ruminate and work through what was coming up both by myself and with others.”

- Megan Hartman


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